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Is something missing?

Frustrated following through with: Goals - Ambitions - Purpose?

Are you coping with loss? 

Let's CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT - together!


3 month (10 sessions) coaching programme

People who find me are typically:
CREATIVES/ ARTISTS struggling to maintain momentum and purpose - or lacking recognition and opportunities are no longer fulfilled…
BEREAVED coping with loss of a loved one - finding day to day life a struggle (even pointless) - feeling alone

40s+... often main family carers... guilty they ‘should' be content... but feeling 'something' is missing...

I really understand the overwhelm these challenges can bring... 

no longer feeling happy… not having a clear direction...  and sometimes just not knowing why!


And 20yrs experience means we get to the CORE of your challenges QUICKER!

So you can free old patterns and create NEW POSITIVE ENERGY, to discover life anew, at a richer and deeper level of understanding.

I LOVE this work.. and combine a very practical approach to psychological, emotional, physical wellbeing as well as spiritual.

I want to help you to a deeper, more fulfilling experience of YOUR life!

Spiritual Life Coaching

is designed to give you


A ZEST for creating life!

"I'm experiencing a kind of breakthrough in my art. The paintings are coming easily and organically. People like them (because they are authentic I think). Such a great feeling."

"The experience of working with you is bringing me closer to who I really am. Your gentle supportive presence is so valuable facing a life transition. It has enabled me to leave situations behind and manage so differently." 


"Radical change is happening fast. Thank you so much for your input into this process. I am not sure it would have happened without your help. I thought that you should know this" 

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nat



  • 10 x 90 minute sessions - over 3 months 1:1

  • Full Access/ Support - phone/ message etc between sessions

  • Strategies and resources to identify WHAT you want

  • CLEAR ACTION STEPS to make these HAPPEN (with back-up accountability!)

  • Understand and LET GO of the patterns that hold you back, deplete your energy, limit your potential and achievements...


  • Audio resources - Guided Meditations and Hypno-Visualisations

  • Guidance and resources to establish a supportive practice - inc. Meditation - Deepening Connection to Spirit - Healing Energy/ Potential - Manifesting 

  • Homeopathic/ Vibrational/ Healing advice and support on hand

FIND new meaning and purpose 

KNOW that it's not too late!

GROW in confidence, trust and motivation 

EMBRACE fun and enjoyment in life 

BECOME a magnet of loving presence

BOOK a (no obligation) coffee chat!

Let's see if this is right for you...


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