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Autism/ ADHD support

The challenges that can go with a neurodivergent mind are many...
For many... there is an ongoing inability to control your inner emotions and even your outward behaviour. 'Emotional dysregulation' can feature heavily... struggling with sudden overwhelming emotions whilst attempting to function in 'normal' situations (often leading to a reliance on alcohol or other behaviours in order to 'cope'). 

There are actually a myriad of features within the spectrum of a neurodivergent profile... including time blindness... emotional outbursts... lack of social 'etiquette'... debilitating anxiety... extreme or heightened sensitivity to rejection... self sabotaging behaviour... avoidance of anything that 'ought' to be done... negative reactions to authority... instant inner resistance to simple suggestions or requests... 
For some, the more obvious challenge will be with 'executive functioning'... an inability (paralysis even) to start jobs or new ideas (even just to make that phone call), or to stay on task and finish a project... (or just a domestic chore)... and this often leads to huge feelings of inadequacy, failure and shame...
The challenges will be uniquely personal to you... but, whatever the combination, they have probably been a source of ongoing stress, emotional pain, and even caused financial/ career/ relationship damage.
You may have fought desperately to hide these traits since childhood, and spent a lifetime not understanding why you can't master these 'failings'. 

It is important to understand that intellectual ability plays no part in these behaviours and experiences. There is an underlying neuro biological basis that results in these traits and life challenges.
Neuro divergence is NOT an indicator of any level of intelligence or intellectual ability. 

MY ROLE is to bring resources, information, strategies and perhaps most important, SUPPORT, that we can tailor specifically to you...
to be an understanding, non judgmental presence alongside you... and offer informed help however you need it... to cope, to thrive, and to find the strategies that enable you to navigate your best life as a neurodivergent person (in a world perhaps designed more for neurotypical minds). 


Being neurodivergent can certainly  be challenging - but it can also be fun, and unique, and creative, and exciting, and utterly individual. And I have found that new understanding can lead to a greater sense of identity, new confidence and even more inner calm.

Coming to terms with a late diagnosis or realisation of ASD or ADHD (or both) is a profound experience and throws up many emotions. These can include relief and a sense of acknowledgement, even vindication. But it can also bring with it a deep sense of loss and grief, with new understandings of the past, personal choices, and sometimes new vulnerabilities and challenges...

For some, diagnosis or realisation can lead to unexpectedly heightened emotional dysregulation.
There may also be NEW questions about what the heck we're meant to do with this new understanding and self awareness!

Having someone with you,  with knowledge and personal understanding of these feelings and stages, to help with resources, with steps and planning, to cope with a potentially reactive nervous system and mental overwhelm, can be not just valuable, but life saving. 
You don't have to do this alone!

"Thank you for your compassionate and gentle presence, incredible listening and attunement. It has touched me deeply." Hugh - Therapist
"I didn’t know what to expect and it has been an incredible, actually life-changing experience." Kate - Choreographer
“Trust has returned to me through the work I’ve done with Simon.” Annie - Psychologist
"I just seem to have freed up the energy to be inspired and can go through the process of completing a painting." Sally - Artist
"All my life I longed for this feeling" Halil - Graphic Artist

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