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Hello. I am a late (very late!) diagnosed AuDHDer (Autistic and ADHD combined) Life Coach and holistic therapist.  

After nearly twenty years working with holistic therapies and coaching, I was seeking more knowledge as a parent... only to discover, totally unexpectedly, my own neurodivergent mind. And suddenly, so much made sense; the choices, the repeated patterns and behaviours, hidden emotions and struggles... all the way back to school... even parenting and the family dynamics. I was assessed and diagnosed, and began coming to terms with a completely new (and slightly bewildering) sense of self and awareness... and with it, I found a new passion, a new 'special interest'... the neurodivergent mind!

So I refocussed my coaching... hyper focussed in fact... added a ton of new training and ever ongoing research... 

I have found the craniosacral therapy invaluable throughout much of my adult life, and hugely beneficial with this newer self discovery... its orientation to the inner body, the energetic being, to stillness and to calming the nervous system. My knowledge and practice of this work underpins much of my life. This has only deepened since realising a neurodivergent perspective on the world.

My work focus now is supporting neurodivergent adults and families (often newly diagnosed OR self realised) as a Specialist Neurodivergent Life Coach, for both Autism and ADHD, as well as continuing to work as a Craniosacral Therapist, which includes regular clinics with people with life limiting conditions (and their carers). 

For those that seek to deepen a more personal inner life focus, I am also a Certified Spiritual Life Coach

I work predominantly online, but I'm based in central London for in person sessions (craniosacral in particular). 

Before any of this btw... I had a life of many hats navigating the seas of the arts and creative industries.

How we can work together

COACHING SUPPORT - 1, 3 or 10 sessions

"The impact has been profound"

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY - 1, 3 or 6 sessions 

"I am amazed by the profound potency and healing that has taken place."


Book a call to see what would support you right now

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