MEET: Simon - Energy Life Coach with 20years Therapy experience. 

I continue to help countless individuals who feel that ‘something is missing...’ or feel ‘trapped’ by domestic circumstances…
to reclaim their goals, free up their dreams and believe… that IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

The people that find me are usually: 
40s+... feeling something is missing - often family carers and guilty because they ‘should be’ content - no longer happy… and they don’t know why…
CREATIVES - struggling to maintain momentum and purpose - lacking recognition or opportunities - no longer fulfilled…  
SOLO-PRENEURS - often CARERS (Hypnotherapists/ Teachers) - not satisfied by their work as much as they used to be - struggling to find clients 
Mid-Life SINGLES - feeling that life is passing them by - wanting some-one to share that with - can’t really talk to anyone about it...

As someone who has gone through ALL the above I really understand the overwhelming feelings these challenges can bring.  

I LOVE what I do... as a Coach & Therapist... and my 20 yrs experience really enables me to get to the core of your challenges so that we can create understanding and STRATEGIES... together... to help shift these and LET THEM GO.

"Thank you for your compassionate and gentle presence, incredible listening and attunement. It has touched me deeply." Hugh - Therapist
"I didn’t know what to expect and it has been an incredible, actually life-changing experience." Kate - Choreographer
“Trust has returned to me through the work I’ve done with Simon.” Annie - Psychologist
"I just seem to have freed up the energy to be inspired and can go through the process of completing a painting again." Sally - Artist
"All my life I longed for this feeling" Halil - Graphic Artist

(3-4 months)
Turn your life around
"The impact has been profound"

Free your-SELF! - is a 4 day immersive for profound change
(combining pyschology/ hypnosis/ shamanic/ healing)
"I am amazed by the profound potency and healing that has taken place."

The Awakening Path - Group 
Healing Meditations - Psychic-Spiritual Development
A gentle, supportive, caring space to discover your next steps 
(Book a call to see what would support you right now)

Individual Therapies inc: Craniosacral, Hypnotherapy (inc Smoking/ Weight), Past Life, Shamanic, Homeopathy

The Karuna Institute
European College of Hypnotherapy
Craniosacral Education Trust
The School of Shamanic Homeopathy