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Former a Harley St Therapist, I switched to online sessions in 2018 to make therapy more available to everyone

In the current climate, therapy online is of course remarkably suited to health safety concerns, but I have also found it to be a huge benefit (and not just in scheduling, convenience and the comfort of home). I switched initially to lower overhead costs and reduce prices, to make therapy more available to more people. But I have found that face-to-face onscreen communication is a very personal connection and really focusses issues for each individual and the support they need, from a place of safety.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY - What's that then? - read my published article here

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy ONLINE? - read my published article here

A sensitive, supportive and holistic approach with

FREE no obligation 20min consultation before any commitment.

"I really benefited with having sessions with Simon. His presence, expertise, warmth and depth helped me unblock a lot in my life and regain a sense of wellbeing and balance." 

"I was very skeptical of having therapy online but after trying everything to help with my hip pain I reached out... I was converted after the first session." 

Fully registered member of CNHC, ICRA (International Cranial Association), PLTA (Past Life), GHR and GHSC (Hypnotherapy).

The Karuna Institute
European College of Hypnotherapy
Craniosacral Education Trust
The School of Shamanic Homeopathy



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