Hypnotherapy - Counselling - Past Life Regression

A former Harley St Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, Simon switched to online therapy in 2018

In the current climate, therapy online is of course remarkably suited to health safety concerns, but I have also found it to be a huge benefit (and not just in scheduling, convenience and the comfort of home). I switched initially to lower overhead costs and reduce prices, to make therapy more available to more people. But I have found that face-to-face onscreen communication, especially whilst wearing headphones, is a very personal connection and really focusses issues for each individual and the support they need, from a place of safety.


Simon offers a sensitive, supportive and holistic approach.

He also offers a free no obligation 20min consultation before any commitment.

Member of CNHC, PLTA (Past Life), GHR and GHSC (Hypnotherapy).

Simon also works with Craniosacral Therapy and Homeopathy  and is a member of ICRA (The International Cranial Association)




Online via Zoom or Skype

+44 (0)7952 088874


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