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Holistic Coaching,
Autism/ ADHD Support,

Craniosacral Therapy

“Learning to quieten down inside has made all the difference… today was the first day I didn’t panic or feel anxiety in a new environment”

"Thank you 🙏  for the resources. It’s so, so helpful.
That nervous system thing is a game changer! Actually being able to make choices as regards to calming my nervous system as opposed to trying to burn off the energy, which is what I’ve normally done. xx"

"Thank you so so much, loads of food for thought & also so affirming to know these resources are there. So grateful to be getting this support from you dear Simon ❤️"

“Work is full on… but now I’m not stressed by it… I know! Who is this person?!”

"It yanked me out of my place of 'what's the point?' I was feeling deeply… and put together a plan… to get absolutely back on track!"

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