Free your-Self! 

        Let go of the past  

 "All my life I longed for this feeling"

"I felt stuck, like nothing could change...." 

 "Now... I'm the happiest I have been"

A 4 day immersive programme       

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NB - this is a 'live' course - not pre-recorded

Programme dates:

4 Saturdays Aug 28/ Sept 4, 18, 25
Times: 10.00-17.30 UCT (UK time) 

(11.00-18.30 CET)


This is something I'd wanted to put in place for a while and I’m really excited that this project is up and running. As part of a small, supportive group you'll understand where your self-image really comes from, as well as the blocks, self defeating emotions and critical demons that hold you back. And you'll leave with a clear set of tools to change that and, literally, transform your outcomes. 

Our sense of our Self determines how we live our lives. It determines even more the outcomes we create in our lives. We fulfil our learned sense of who we are from a blueprint we have created out of our experiences (mostly early, but not exclusively).

This sense of self - our self image - directly influences what we achieve, what we expect to receive in money, position and even in love, what we think we deserve, how we appear, how happy/ contented/ melancholy/ focussed/ confident/ numerical/ literate we are, even how long we might expect to live.

It is possible to change who you think you are. It is possible to re-define your sense of Self... to connect with who you really are, your true Self.

Price - £699

(instalments available - please just ask) 


#FREE - 1:1 session included with the course - value £120 

#FREE - 3 month access to Membership Group ( Healing Meditations - Psychic-Spiritual Development) - value £99 

#FREE - Meditation audios to keep 

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 "All my life I longed for this feeling"

"Yesterday was amazing!!!"

"This is by far the most special amazing gift I’ve ever received"

"What an incredible day"

"That was totally amazing... Got such a lot out of it already"

"I’d forgotten about relaxing and imagining"

"It gave me a wonderful feeling of CALM."

"major change for me"

"I woke up and could feel there’d been a huge shift"

"I felt different and knew I was entering a new chapter"

"I honestly feel this programme will change my life"